How to Fix ‘Google At a Glance Widget Not Working’ Issue on Android Device

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Check How to Fix ‘Google At a Glance Widget Not Working’ Issue on Android Device

Are you irritated by the message “Google At a Glance widget is not working” on your Android device? Are you eager to fix this problem? If so, continue reading this article. Here you will get the top 9 solutions to fix this problem smoothly. To fix the Google widget at a glance not showing the problem, you can restart your device, remove and add the widget again, clear the Google app cache data, and reset the app preferences. However, if you want an instant solution, you can go for the best Android repair tool. Before proceeding with the fixes, let’s get to know something more about the Google At a Glance widget in detail …

Reboot the phone

Usually only after restarting the Android phone, the “Overview” widget can start working normally. Stop the operation performed on the Android phone and then restart the phone.

Add widget again

As we all know, re-adding widgets can solve any widget problem. You need to remove the widget and add it again.

To do this, touch and hold the “Overview” widget until you see some options. Depending on the available options, click the “Delete” button or the “Delete” icon.

To add the widget again, touch and hold any space on the home screen. Press Options widget. Tap Google and then Take a look. Some launchers may require you to press and hold the widget and drag it to the home screen.

Try a different launcher

Normally the widget at a glance should work with any Android launcher. To be safe, try using it with a different launcher, especially the phone’s action launcher.

Clear cache and data

Since the “Overview” widget is part of the Google application, you must clear the Google application cache and data. do not worry. It will not destroy your personal data. However, it will reset certain settings in your Google app to their default values. You will have to reconfigure them. Read in detail to understand what happens when you delete app data on Android.

To clear the Google app cache and data, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings and go to Applications & Notifications or Application Manager.
  • In All apps, tap Google.
  • Touch Storage followed by Clear cache. Then press the Clear data button.
  • Restart the phone. That should fix the widget. If the problem continues, re-add the widget as shown above.

Grant the necessary permissions

If the At a Glance widget does not display weather or calendar information, check and make sure you have the necessary permissions. For that, go to Settings> Applications. Tap on Google.

Tap on Permissions. Make sure the app has location and calendar permissions.

Uninstall Google App Updates

This is a similar solution to uninstall any application. Although the Google application is a pre-installed application on almost all Android phones, you cannot completely uninstall it. You can only uninstall the latest update.

To do so, go to Settings> Applications> Google as we did in the previous two methods. On the Google app screen, tap the three-dot icon at the top and select Uninstall updates. Restart the phone.

Then go to the Google Play Store, search for Google and hit the Refresh button. That should update the app.

Final words: How to Fix ‘Google At a Glance Widget Not Working’ Issue on Android Device

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