Make your valentine feel special with City Flowers & Arena Flowers India stores

On the occasion of Valentine’s day, City Flowers and Arena Flowers are putting their best foot forward to provide all the requirements for this occasion. Both the brands recognize the importance of sending flowers to loved ones to express one’s true emotions and sincere wishes. And one should not rely on logistics or distance for this. To ensure on-time flower delivery, India’s leading online flower store has teamed up with a top-tier logistics partner making online orders of flowers with a personalized message convenient and rapid.

Giving flowers on this occasion has been a millennia-old ritual and why not, given that they are an exquisite and ideal way to express one’s compassionate side. City Flowers and Arena Flowers India are very well versed with the fact that flowers always behold a very special place in everyone’s hearts. The colorful blossoms and lovely aroma of flowers have always been at our side as we commemorate life’s major moments, and their beauty has inspired every culture over centuries. Hence, they work with diligence and persistence as they know that flowers are very important because they provide a chance to express emotions when words fail.

While explaining the specialties of the brand, the founder of City Flowers said, “We offer a vast collection of flowers which comprises of everything from classic roses to vintage tulips, petite peonies, and exotic orchids. City Flowers’ florists handpick the cheeriest and brightest flowers for you. We understand that each occasion is unique, which is why we don’t believe in delivering off-the-shelf floral arrangements. Each floral arrangement you see on CityFlowers is the result of countless hours and efforts spent creating them as orders come in. This ensures that you receive the most bang for your buck, as well as the nicest gift for someone you truly care about.”

The founder of ArenaFlowers, while talking about his perspective towards the relevance of the entire flower industry stated, “There are words to express the deepest feelings in every known language known to human beings. But the question is are they sufficient? If that would have been the case, India would not have exported Rs. 27 crores worth of roses on Valentine’s Day. Flowers are still needed to support people’s speech since there are gaps between words that flowers fill. Researches clearly show a link between life pleasure and flowers as they are natural mood stabilizers with strong/positive effects on people’s mental wellbeing.”

With over 15 years of experience in the internet industry, has established itself as India’s premier online flower delivery business, with a large number of satisfied customers around the country. City Flowers opened their first retail store for flower delivery in Bangalore south to cover posh locality of bangalore. On the other hand, ArenaFlowers offer unique ranges such as the ‘Just Because’ range which is for those occasions when you don’t need an excuse to send flowers, the ‘Mother’s Day section is for that special day when you want to recognize and thank that wonderful lady in your life, etc. The specialty of the brand is that regardless of the occasion, the skilled florists can arrange fresh-cut, precisely selected, and handpicked seasonal as well as exotic flowers. It also provides the service to choose from a variety of beautifully prepared gift baskets and fruit baskets.

When it comes to giving a present to your other half, gifting something as delicate as one’s feelings and resembles their heart. Hence, the floral gift might be the most memorable thing for the person one cares about the most. So without further ado on this special day of Valentine’s Day, surprise your loved ones with and ArenaFlowers flowers collection.

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