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As spring knocks, Kashmir people are hopeful of getting a high number of tourists. The government plans to extend the spring season by organizing dozens of programs to attract more tourists to the valley.

After the severe cold and record snowfall, the spring season has knocked Kashmir a bit early due to good weather. The beginning of spring is always seen with the blossom of almond flowers, and it’s followed by the beautiful tulip bloom in Asia’s largest Tulip garden which is set to be open by the end of this month.

With the arrival of the spring season, the number of tourists visiting Kashmir is also increasing. The famous Badamwari Garden (Almond Garden) of Srinagar has been opened for tourists and has become the center of attraction for local and non-local tourists.

In the historical Badamwari Garden, built in the middle of Srinagar, flowers are visible everywhere these days. This is not a common flower but the first blooming almonds in the spring season. These flowers bloom at the end of March, but this time due to the change in climate, the blossom is two weeks earlier.

The first visit to Kashmir became memorable for a tourist from Hyderabad who saw the Badamwari Garden for the first time.

“Those are the scene which we will never forget in life. Everyone should come to Kashmir twice a year – in winter to see snow and in summer to see flowers, it’s awesome, I will tell my all friends and will motivate them to visit Kashmir ,” Anupama, Hyderabad resident said.

“Kashmir is paradise in all seasons, but we were not aware about this blossom, it’s very attractive and we hope soon we will be able to see tulips too,” said Hardik, another tourist.

The blossom of almonds and apricot flowers in Kashmir means that the three-month-long period of severe winter has ended and the spring season has arrived. Not only the tourists but also the residents are enjoying the early spring.

Tourists coming to Kashmir in this season are getting the best, witnessing almond blossom is a memorable experience for them. They are getting to see flowers blossom in the Kashmir garden and enjoying the snowfall.

Many domestic and foreign tourists are reaching Kashmir to enjoy this season. In the last two years, people associated with the tourism industry were particularly worried due to the decline in the number of tourists due to Covid-19, but now as the daily cases have subsided people in the valley especially Kashmir tourist players hope there will bloom in their trade too.

Tourist department too have prepared themselves for a boom season as they saw the winter tourism at its best after decades. “We are planning the activities and destination for spring season and earlier it remained confined to Tulip Garden but now we have panned to organize attractive programs, and this will extend spring,” GN Itoo Director Kashmir tourism said.

Tourist players too have expectations of a marvelous season. And definitely it will revive the Kashmir tourism industry.

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