Deathstroke Art For Affleck’s Scraped Batman Movie Shows Villain Design

Concept art for Ben Affleck’s scrapped standalone The Batman movie reveals a slightly-upgraded design for Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke suit.

Concept art for Ben Affleck’s scrapped The Batman movie reveals Deathstroke’s upgraded design. The Batman, which debuted in theaters earlier this month to rave reviews and strong box office returns, was initially conceived as a solo outing for Batfleck set in the DC Extended Universe, which the actor would also write and direct. However, Affleck had several reservations about the project and soon dropped out, allowing Matt Reeves to come aboard and rework the story by removing all DCEU connections and focusing on a younger version of the vigilante, casting Robert Pattinson in the role.

Affleck portrayed the DCEU’s Bruce Wayne in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice2016’s Suicide Squad2017’s Justice League, and the 2021 Snyder Cut. He is set to reprise the role for what is expected to be the final time in 2023’s The Flash alongside Michael Keaton, who is returning in the role. But in the years since Affleck ‘s solo film fell apart, many details have been unearthed regarding his plans for the project, including that Deathstroke would have been the primary villain (and killed a few famous Batman characters).


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Now, concept art for Affleck’s scrapped Batman movie reveals what Deathstroke would have looked like in the DCEU film. The design was shared by Keith Christensen (who previously worked as a concept artist on Batman v Superman), showing the villain sporting his classic orange and silver mask while wielding dual pistols equipped with silencers. Check out the concept art below:

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As Affleck’s standalone Batman movie was supposed to be set in the DCEU, it would feature several popular characters from throughout the shared universe. Deathstroke as the primary antagonist would have made sense considering Slade Wilson was introduced during Justice League‘s post-credits scene, played by Joe Manganiello, and set to play a significant role in the so-called Snyder-verse. In fact, despite the slightly-upgraded design, this Deathstroke suit doesn’t look too different from the one previously seen in Justice League, including the dual blades affixed to his back.

Besides Deathstroke’s upgraded suit, concept art for the canceled Batman movie has also revealed what Affleck’s batsuit would have looked like in the film, appearing to take inspiration from the video game Arkham Knight. Though this concept art will likely have fans yearning for what could have been, Matt Reeves’s The Batman is an excellent consolation prize. The film has been praised as one of the Caped Crusader’s darkest and most inventive cinematic portrayals, which has benefited from not being weighed down by any DCEU connections.

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Source: Keith Christensen/Instagram

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