Design Ideas PDF collections: 2001 – 2009

EDN’s Design Ideas section, where EDN readers have the opportunity to post their ideas for a new or different take on a circuit or system design that helps solve a design problem, has long been a popular and useful resource for both new and experienced engineers.

Unfortunately, as EDN’s online content has been imported to new/different content management systems over the years, some of the images and other material associated with some older Design Ideas has been irretrievably lost. Fortunately, some of this content was collected and published in print and PDF form for a time as annual collections.

Below are the links to the PDF files of those Design Ideas collections, for the years 2001 through 2009:

EDN Design Ideas Collection 2001 – Includes Preheat starter for electronic ballast, Low-cost circuit programs EEPROMs, Circuit yields ultralow-noise VGA, Sequential channel selector simplifies software, uC provides timer function, and more.

EDN Design Ideas Collection 2002 – Includes Log amp uses capacitor-charging law, Extend the timing capabilities of a PC, Optocoupler simplifies power-line monitoring, Improved amplifier drives differential-input ADCs, Circuit forms dc-motor switch with brakeand more.

EDN Design Ideas Collection 2003 – Includes Design makes handy audible circuit tracer, Design a visible optical link for RS-232C communications, Hot-swap structure offers improved redundancy, Embedded processor directly drives LCDand more.

EDN Design Ideas Collection 2004 – Includes 5V power supply teams low-dropout regulator, charge pump, Four-quadrant power supply provides any-polarity voltage and current, Simple circuit controls stepper motors, Simple dc/dc converter increases available power in dual-voltage systemand more.

EDN Design Ideas Collection 2005 – Includes Laser simulator helps avoid destroyed diodes, Differential driver doubles as versatile RF-switch driver, Pseudologarithmic thermistor signal conditioning spans wide temperature range, RF telemetry transmitter features minimal parts countand more.

EDN Design Ideas Collection 2006 – Includes Instrumentation amplifier extends DSO, Virtual instrument determines magnetic core’s BH-loop characteristicsand more.

EDN Design Ideas Collection 2007 – Includes Automatic latch-off circuit saves batteries, Switching regulator reduces motor brake’s power consumption, Analog divider uses few componentsand more.

EDN Design Ideas Collection 2008 – Includes High-speed clamp functions as pulse-forming circuit, Depletion-mode MOSFET kick-starts power supply, Simple continuity tester fits into shirt pocket, White LED shines from piezoelectric-oscillator supplyand more.

EDN Design Ideas Collection 2009 – Includes Circuit indicates ac-mains-fuse failure, Isolation MOSFET-driver IC gets improved power efficiency at lighter loads, Synthesize variable resistors with hyperbolic taperand more.

If there’s a Design Idea on EDN that you’re interested in that’s missing content (and isn’t included in the above files) feel free to leave a request in the comments section below. If an EDN editor is unable to help, perhaps another reader will be able to do so.

As always, if you’re interested in submitting a Design Idea to EDN yourself, please see the Design Ideas Submission Guide.

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