Easter flowers – Philippa Craddock on flower arranging for Easter

Easter is a time for embracing all things spring, be it spending more time out in nature or enjoying beautiful blooms in your home.

As the seasons change and the weather starts to get warmer – you may be thinking about how to inject some life and color into your home after the cold and dark months of winter.

Flowers provide a quick and charming fix for your home to give it that joyful spring feeling that it needs. But, knowing which flowers to choose and how to go about arranging them can feel overwhelming.

Here at Good Housekeeping, we spoke to florist Philippa Craddock for her top tips on all things floral at Easter time. Famous for her work her with prestigious clients, including the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and fashion house Dior, she shares her top tips for Easter flower arranging here …

Philippa Craddock

Which colors will be most popular for Easter flowers this year?

Easter flowers this year will be dominated by deep yellows. This will allow floral displays to look strong, bold, bright and positive.

Which florals will be popular?

Seasonal flowers will continue to be popular. They are the most sustainable, can be sourced locally and will give you the greatest longevity.

Narcissus are classics, both potted and as cut flowers. If you pot them into vibrant, waterproof containers, you can easily create a fresh design for this year. Also in season are tulips – look for double tulips, with full, frothy petals. We can also expect to see delicate lily-of-the-valley with their heady, incredible fragrance, and lilac in vibrant purples and pure whites, with their mass of petite flower clusters.

For something a little more architectural, try large vases filled with blossom. I have step-by-step guides for these design ideas on my website journal.

easter flowers

Philippa Craddock

How can people create a beautiful tablescape with Easter flowers?

The easiest and quickest way (and often the most impactful) is to create a series of small designs, grouped together. Use different sized petite bud vases, filled with a series of mixed stems, placed at staggered heights. Mix these with a mass of candlelight, at varying heights, by incorporating both tea lights and tapered dining candles.

How can people create an Easter basket with Easter flowers?

Use any basket and add an internal watertight container. Place chicken wire inside the container and fill with water. Place a mass of stems, forming a rough, asymmetrical shape, covering all the mechanics.

We have recently created a Charity Tutorial, with 100% of the profits going to charity, using a basket to create an impactful design; albeit too big for a table, the methods and techniques are similar for a smaller, table sized design.

How else can Easter flowers be used around the home?

Easter wreaths are a great idea, using the same techniques as you would to create a festive wreath. Use a wicker base, a mass of greenery and secure dwarf narcissus bulbs to create a design with good longevity.

What mood do you predict people will look to create with their Easter flowers this year?

I predict we will be looking to keep our designs simple, with a focus on bright, uplifting colors, alongside balancing with a sense of calm.

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