How Reedsy Can Help You Understand Book Design

The appearance of a book is critical in determining its commercial success. It affects its marketability, sales, and impact on the reader. Fortunately, Reedsy has the resources to teach you the basics of book design.

A book’s design mainly consists of its cover and interior, but depending on its format—ebook, paperback, or hardcover—there are additional considerations like book sizing. Let’s see what Reedsy has to offer for these areas of interest.

1. Learn About Ideal Book Cover Design

Your book’s cover is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. It needs to be spot on, so that it catches a reader’s eye and represents the book effectively.

A good cover design should communicate the essential information, such as title and author name, while also reflecting its genre and tone.

To achieve this, it’s best to work with a professional who understands genre conventions and limitations. You can hire experienced book designers from Reedsy’s marketplace for the book’s cover, or its interior as well.

Reedsy Book Design Professionals

By browsing the profiles of these experts, you can see their qualifications and identify who has the most relevant experience for your project. To help with the decision-making process, read through Reedsy’s book cover design guide for ideas and tips.

A book’s interior is no less vital to making a good impression. It has to appear professional without any errors in typesetting, formatting, and layout, otherwise, people might not take the work seriously.


So, get to know what these jobs involve. You can learn the steps of book formatting on Reedsy, for example, and use them to enhance your own manuscript. But, once again, you don’t have to do it alone.

While you can turn to a professional for visually complex projects, the digital age also offers platforms specifically designed to help produce high-quality books, from the prose typesetting down to the copyright page as per Reedsy’s tips.

On that note, you should get to know the Reedsy Book Editor and its uses.

Formatting Manuscript on Reedsy Book Editor

Remember, though, that going it alone in book design or anything else related to publishing demands excellent know-how, so don’t stop exploring available resources.

3. Learn How a Book’s Trim Size Affects its Design

If you want to produce your book in print, especially if you’re self-publishing, you must understand the specific decisions involved in printing.

It takes a lot more than changing margins on Google Docs or adjusting the typeface and contents. Your book’s size affects its page count, spine thickness, and ability to literally “fit in” with other books within its genre.

It sounds complicated, but you can find help in the form of Reedsy’s guide on standard book sizes. Familiarize yourself with it, and you’ll soon be an expert on trim sizes.

Reedsy Book Size Guide

Don’t Forsake Professional Book Design Help for DIY

Preparing a book for publication is complicated, whether it’s in print or ebook format. Reedsy and its resources can instruct you on the ins and outs of book cover and interior design.

But it also offers reliable professionals ready to tackle anything that troubles you and offer unique ideas that never crossed your mind.

Now, DIY-ing your design can be fun and rewarding, but without the right knowledge and skills, you can hurt the book’s chances for success. So, unless you have absolutely no other choice, a professional designer is your best bet.

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