National flower of Ukraine, flower of hope and more

By Lynette L. Walther

Sunflowers have been flooding social media of late. The images of those poignant fields of sunflowers below skies of blue mimic the national flag of Ukraine. Under siege and fighting for their survival, Ukrainians have captured the attention of the world for their bravery in the face of unprecedented force and oppression. We hope for them. We grieve for them. We make our donations to relief organizations and we plant sunflowers in hope for them and wish we could do more.

We saw the elderly woman who offered a Russian soldier a packet of sunflower seeds to put in his pocket so that when he died there, sunflowers could sprout. Sunflowers have come to represent so much for the Ukrainian people and the world as well.

Hands down, the most popular garden flower here is the sunflower. From first timers to experienced gardeners, these bold, easy-to-grow flowers are top choices. And there are so many from which to choose.

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