WandaVision Artist Reveals Badass Scarlet Witch Costume Design That Wasn’t Used In The Marvel Series

It’s been over a year since Marvel and Disney+’s first series together, WandaVision, made its debut and portrayed Wanda finally coming into her own as the Scarlet Witch. When Wanda finally emerged in full Scarlet Witch mode in the series finale, fans witnessed Elizabeth Olsen donning a full character-specific costume, and it was awesome. That said, WandaVision character designer Andy Park is now revealing a design for the iconic costume that didn’t make the cut, and it’s pretty awesome as well.

In celebration of the anniversary of WandaVision‘s multiverse-spawning finale, artist Andy Park shared how grateful he was to have been part of the show on Instagram. And his gratitude his came complete with an earlier version of Wanda ‘s Scarlet Witch costume that was mocked up during preproduction. While it didn’t end up being the final product, it looks like the design may have come close, since it’s the one he chose to unveil to fans.

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