What Material You widgets are exclusive to Pixel phones?

At this point, Google’s biggest Android apps have been updated with Material You. Redesigns are widely rolled out, but widget availability varies depending on whether you have a Pixel or Samsung device running Android 12. The following is our running tally of which Google app Material You widgets are available where.

The vast majority of Google’s new Material You widgets are available for all new Android devices. We specifically checked on Samsung’s One UI 4.1 (Android 12):

Play Books

This Material You redesign replaces the original Honeycomb UI.

Google Calendar

In September, Google updated Calendar’s two widgets with Dynamic Color and other visual tweaks. It’s not a drastic redesign (yet), but it did help the widgets better fit in on Android 12.

Google Chrome

The Chrome widgets are not strictly Material You and originated on iOS first, but they are widely available.

Google Clock

All five Material You Clock widgets — including face customizations (Scallop, Numeral, Day, Clover) — are offered.

Google Drive

Drive quick actions and suggested files are also available on devices older than Android 12.


This widget looks to be limited to a size variant — at least on tablets — where the Chat, Spaces, and Meet shortcuts can only be placed on the bottom edge instead of the right.

Google Fi

Google Keep

While visually similar to Gmail, Keep’s shortcuts appear on the right edge.

Google Photos

Both the People & Pets and Your memories widgets are available.

YouTube Music

See below.

In the long run, there’s no reason for any of the following widgets to be Pixel exclusive. A wider rollout is probably in the works.

Google Maps

The “Quickly find places nearby” widget with a search field that immediately opens Google Maps and keyboard is only found on the Pixel. There’s also a row of shortcuts to quickly start a nearby search.

Google Weather

The two Weather widgets are only found on Pixel and do not appear under the Google app anywhere else.

YouTube Music

The excellent and versatile “Recently Played” widget is only available on Pixel, but Turntable can be found on Samsung devices.

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