“Our strong retail network can help international fruit brands enter the Chinese market”

When consumers hear mention of the brand Good Farmer, they immediately think of fresh import bananas. However, in recent years Good Farmer has begun to cooperate with major brands such as Zespri kiwi fruit, Mr. Apple apples, T&G apples, Avanza avocados, and Belorta European pears. So in addition to bananas, Good Farmer now imports a wide variety of top-quality fruits.

Manager Zhang, spokesperson for Good Farmer, recently talked about current conditions in the import fruit market. “About 90% of our fresh fruit is sold under our own brands. In addition to bananas, we also sell pineapples, dragon fruit, apples, coconuts, cherries, blueberries, frozen durian, and various other fruits. The remaining 10% of our sales volume consists of other brands. We act as their agents in the Chinese market.”

Good Farmer and Rockit Apple convene press conference to announce cooperation
Good Farmer and Rockit Apple organized a press conference on the 1st of March to announce their strategic cooperation. Zhang Jingzhen, general manager of Good Farmer’s fruit division, announced during the official signing ceremony that “Rockit Apple meets the strict Good Farmer standards in every stage of the production process from plantation to production on an industrial scale. Rockit Apple provides an excellent consumer experience The two parties are on the same page. Good Farmer relies on their own distribution service system to supply New Zealand Rockit apples to Chinese consumers. This allows Chinese consumers to experience the naturally delicious flavor of New Zealand Rockit apples first hand. At the same time, this strategic cooperation helps establish another strong, high-end fruit brand in the Chinese market.”

Dai Yue, national manager for the China division of Rockit Apple, stated during the press conference that Rockit Apple first exported apples to China in 2015. The brand name rapidly gained recognition in the last two years. The strategic cooperation with Good Farmer is an acknowledgment of their strong retail network, as well as their demand for high-quality fruit products and fruit brands. Dai Yue hopes that the Good Farmer retail network will help Rockit Apple further open the Chinese market.

The best pandemic strategy is close cooperation with suppliers
The pursuit of high-quality products is an important consumer trend in China. Good Farmer works closely with suppliers during the pandemic to guarantee stable supply and overcome challenges together.

“The pandemic drastically reduced labor efficiency in ports around the globe. The pandemic caused shipping delays and this had an impact on the percentage of damaged and spoiled fruit. Moreover, the outer packaging of fruit products frequently tested positive for traces of Covid-19, which further complicated matters of distribution, customs clearance, and retail,” explained manager Zhang. “Our primary strategy during the pandemic was to keep in close communication with our suppliers. We made sure that relevant tests were performed on farms and at customs, and all products were accompanied by relevant certification. We developed proper solutions for problems the first time we encountered them, so that these problems did not repeat, and that guaranteed product safety in every segment of the supply chain.”

“Consumers developed new knowledge and attitudes towards food safety during the pandemic. The pandemic further stimulated consumer demand for high-quality fruit,” said manager Zhang. “And we work closely with our suppliers to make sure that Chinese consumers have access to high-quality, fresh fruit.”

Our retail network has national coverage
A retail network that covers the country is one of the key points of the cooperation between Rockit Apple and Good Farmer. The distribution network of Good Farmer includes distribution service teams and facilities in 30 major cities across China. Good Farmer services more than 14,000 client groups.

Manager Zhang first talked about the distribution of their import fruit retail districts. “We offer fruit retail services throughout the country, primarily in first- and second-tier cities, but we are also growing fast in third- and fourth-tier cities. We continue to permeate the domestic market. Take our bananas as an example, we are already present in more than 50% of the Chinese cities at prefecture level and above. In the next five years we aim to provide direct services in more than 200 prefecture level cities.”

When asked about retail channels, manager Zhang replied, “we currently focus on offline retail channels, but we are also developing our online presence. We are improving our online services to reach new clientele. We also research the demands and preferences of online consumers. Our online services expanded by 150% in the last two years.”

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