Russian City Council official slammed for donning Ukraine’s national flower as headgear

As the grisly attack by Moscow on Ukraine intensified, people across the world have taken to the streets in support of Kyiv. Russians too have participated in the calls for de-escalation of violence against innocent people in the embattled ex-Soviet nation. In such a show of support, the deputy of Novosibirsk city council in Russia, Pirogova Helga on Tuesday came to the council session with a headgear of sunflowers, which is the national flower of Ukraine. Expectedly, her outfit her infuriated council members who demanded council chairman expel Helga and take away her phone her.

Taking to Twitter, Helga briefly narrated the incidents. “At the session today, the circus. The chairman does n’t comply with the rules, his deputies yell, and demand to take away my phone and expel me from the meeting. All it took was …” she wrote adding a picture of her outfit her. To elaborate, Helga dressed in a blue top and donned a headgear of fresh and beautiful sunflowers. Apparently, the council members were infuriated as sunflowers are national flowers of Ukraine and in time have become a symbol of hope and solidarity around the world.

Take a look at Helga’s outfit:

Sunflowers become Ukraine’s symbol of resistance

Amid the Russian onslaught, sunflowers have become a symbol of resistance after a Ukrainian woman in the early days of the war shoved a handful of seeds in the pocket of a Russian soldier envisioning that he would be the earth to those plants in a symbolic triumph of nature over human barbarism.

Protestors around the world have been snapped holding a bunch of sunflowers. Last week, the London Embassy was covered with graffiti and hand-painted pictures of the beautiful perennial flowers. Even Jill Biden wore a mask on Monday with a sunflower embroidered in it. The next day, she wore the flower on her sleeve while she attended US President Joe Biden’s State of Union address.

IMAGE: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

Ukrainians have lived in fear and devastation as Russian troops continued to shell residential buildings and other civil infrastructure in the ex-Soviet nation. Convoy of Russian tanks and armored vehicles inched closer to the heart of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Meanwhile, arbitrary bombings rained in the strategic port city of Mariupol, which has been the worst-hit area so far with over 2,000 recorded deaths. While the all-out war turns bloodier by the day, peace talks have resumed between delegates of Ukraine and Moscow, which is reported to continue every day in a bid to reach a concrete resolution.

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