Las Cruces Utilities co-sponsors environmental design contest

In its 32nd year, the WERC Environmental Design Contest organized by the College of Engineering at New Mexico State University and co-sponsored by Las Cruces Utilities brings industry, government, and academia together in search of innovative real-world solutions to current important environmental challenges . Multi-disciplinary teams representing more than 100 students from fourteen universities around the country will come to Las Cruces April 10-13 to build bench-scale working models of their designs. The designs will be judged by scientists, engineers and industry experts with $25,000 in cash prizes awarded at the event’s end.

One of the experts is Deputy Director, LCU Natural Gas and Energy Operations and Maintenance, Lucio Garcia.

“The Utility is sponsoring one of this year’s six design tasks, along with co-sponsor El Paso Electric. Task number two, Carbon Conversion for the Energy Transition, is about capturing, storing and repurposing carbon from the environment. The task assumes that, as part of the energy transition, there is a way to take carbon dioxide and make something useful out of it. We’re all excited to see what the students produce at their presentations,” he said.

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