FDA Shares 2 Fruit Recalls

Two companies announced fruit snack recalls for the same reason last week. SunTree Snack Foods LLC of Phoenix recalled dried sweetened strawberries, while A&C Best Food Trading Inc. of New York City recalled its “Wife Plum” product. Both were recalled due to undeclared sulfites. People with sensitivity to sulfites may experience severe or life-threatening reactions if they eat these products.

On March 23, New York State Agriculture Commissioner Richard A. Ball announced A&C Best Food Trading’s recall. The company’s “Wife Plum” product included undeclared sulfites and unallowed dye E123. The product is packaged in a clear plastic jar, weighing about one pound. The recall covers products with “2021/10/15” stamped on the bottom. It was sent to stores nationally.

The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets food inspectors found the issue during routine sampling, and it was later confirmed by New York State Food Laboratory analysis. The testing discovered high levels of sulfites, which were not listed on the label. Although there have been no illnesses reported connected to this issue, the consumption of 10 milligrams of sulfites per serving “has been reported to elicit severe reactions, including anaphylactic shock, in some asthmatics and sensitive individuals,” notes A&C Best Food Trading’s announcement, published on the US Food and Drug Administration’s website. Consumers can contact Allen Lin, Manager, at (917) 418-1115 or email the distributor for more information on the recall.

SunTree Snack Foods recalled its Good & Gather Dried Sweetened Strawberries for the same reason. The product contains undeclared sulfites. The product is sold at Target stores nationwide and comes in resealable stand-up pouches. The Florida Department of Agriculture discovered the issue after sampling the product. No illnesses have been reported in connection with this issue yet. However, SunTree started the voluntary recall “out of an abundance of caution to protect public health,” the company said.

The affected product is sold in four-ounce packages with the UPCs 085239182840 and 085239182840. They have the Best By Dates Sept. 1, Oct. 1, Oct.4-7, and Oct. 11-14, 2022. Consumers with the product should throw it out. Consumers can contact SunTree at 1-480-719-6900 x 219 or Guest Services at 1-800-440-0680.

Sulfites are chemicals “used as preservatives to slow browning and discoloration in foods and beverages during preparation, storage, and distribution,” notes the Cleveland Clinic. In1986, the FDA banned sulfites in fresh fruits and vegetables. Sensitivity to sulfites is common among those with asthma. The asthma symptoms associated with sulfites range from mild wheezing to a possible life-threatening asthmatic reaction. Some sulfite-containing ingredients used for food, drinks, or medication include sulfur dioxide, potassium bisulfate, potassium metabisulfite, sodium bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite, and sodium sulfite, according to the Cleveland Clinic.


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