How To Find Mist Flowers In Genshin Impact

Mist Flowers are an essential component of Frostshield Potions and Frosting Essential Oil in Genshin Impact. Fortunately, these frosty flowers can be found just about anywhere in the world. When you find one, you’ll need to melt it with a Pyro skill before it can be harvested.

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We’ve broken down the locations of Mist Flowers throughout Teyvat, organized by region. If you need to find lots of Mist Flowers fast, this guide will show you the prime gathering spots.

Mist Flower Tips

As a general rule, Mist Flowers are most plentiful in watery areas in northern regions. The further south you go, the less likely you are to find any.


Mist Flower Corollas can be combined with Lizard Tails via alchemy to create Frosting Essential Oil. The area west of Wangshu Inn has Mist Flowers and Lizards in larger quantities than other regions, making this the best place to grind for both.

Mist Flower Locations In Mondstadt

Genshin Impact Mist Flower Corolla Mondstadt

There are Mist Flowers all across the Mondstadt Region, but the best places to look for them are along the northern and western shores of the lake south of Windwail Highland and along the outskirts of Stormterror’s Lair. These areas have Mist Flowers growing together in clumps, allowing you to gather several at once without having to wander around too much.

Mist Flower Locations In Dragonspine

Genshin Impact Mist Flower Corollas Dragonspine Locations

While the Dragonspine Mountains themselves don’t contain Mist Flowers, the watery areas to the west have them in abundance. The flowers are plentiful but more spread out hereso whenever you’re wandering the wilderness around Wangshu Inn, you should have plenty of opportunities to harvest Mist Flowers. Stick to shores and riverbanks for the best results.

Mist Flower Locations In Liyue

Genshin Impact Mist Flower Locations Liyue

Mist Flowers aren’t as plentiful around Liyue Harbor. You can find decent-sized clusters of them in the western areas of Lingju Pass and Qingxu Poolbut otherwise, you’re better off heading north to Cuijue Slope and areas closer to Wangshu Inn.

However, when you’re in town at Liyue Harbor, you can purchase Mist Flower Corollas in limited quantities from Herbalist Gui at Bubu Pharmacy. They’re a thousand Mora each, but depending on your situation, the cost could be worth the time saved.

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Mist Flower Locations In Watatsumi Island

Mist Flowers Inazuma Watatsumi Genshin Impact

There are only a few Mist Flowers on Watatsumi Island, north and west of Sangonomiya Shrine. You may as well grab them if you happen to be in the area, but if you’re planning to harvest large quantities, it’s best to look elsewhere.

Mist Flower Locations In Central Inazuma

Genshin Impact Yashiori Island Mist Flowers

Yashiori Island has a few clusters of Mist Flowers on its northern and southern shores, as well as the highlands at the center of the island. These are the only clusters of any note in this area, so be sure to make time to harvest them when you’re visiting Yashiori.

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