Stacey Dash Set to Star in New Interior Design Reality Show

After years of being a controversial celebrity, Stacey Dash will star in a new interior design reality show called A New Thing- with Stacey Dash.

American actress and former talk show host, Stacey Dash, will star in a new reality show about her new passion, interior design, called A New Thing. The actress is famous for her role her as Dionne Marie Davenport in the classic movie and television series Cluelessas well as her roles in Moving, Mo’ Moneyand ‘Renaissance Man‘ to name a few. But, Dash is mostly known for her controversial past. Her most controversial moments her have been centered around politics. One such moment was in 2012 during the presidential election when the star endorsed Mitt Romney and said he was America’s only choice for a future. Her political stance her got her into even more trouble in 2016 when she not only supported Donald Trump but also said she was “blacked into voting for Obama,” and inquired if the Democratic Party thought Americans were stupid due to their candidate for the 2016 presidential election being Hilary Clinton.


Aside from her political views, Dash has caused herself to be ostracized by certain communities when she made points about the gender wage gap and stated that women should know their value and be able to negotiate better for themselves. Comments about Black History Month being canceled and members of the transgender community also put Dash in a very isolated environment. Years later, Dash apologized for her several controversial mess-ups, but there were many that did not accept her apology her, and some even compared her to Omarosa Manigault Newman, who is also considered a controversial woman.

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It seems as though Dash is trying to show herself in a different light as she is now set to star in a new interior design reality show. According to Deadline, A New Thing- with Stacey Dash is being developed by film director Michael Holstein and production company, The Content Farm. Dash will use the reality show to reintroduce herself to the world as an interior designer at Debbe Daley Designs stationed in New Hampshire. The reality show will not only focus on Dash ‘s new passion her, but viewers will also get the chance to see glimpses of tussles and prosperity in the actress ‘life which can be connected to trying to disconnect herself from her controversial past her . Film director Holstein told Deadline that he finds Dash’s story to be inspirational and he thinks that viewers will be receptive to what Dash will be portrayed on the show. He said, “This is so much more than a typical follow-doc or star-driven reality show – it’s truly ‘a new thing,’ and I’m thrilled to be part of it.”

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Dash also spoke to Deadline and told them that this project had been something she has been working on since she became sober five and a half years ago. Concerning the content of the show, she said, “Interior design has always been a personal passion and a dream of mine. This may not be easy, but it’s ‘a new thing,’ and I am excited to embark on this journey, work with top designers and inspire others to learn from their own mistakes and pursue their dreams, too.” Dash also took to Twitter and shared a video to make an announcement about the show, and the audio used for the video says, “This is either going to be incredible or it’s going to be awful. Either way, it will be.” The comments left under the post show only support for Dash, but the reactions from these followers do not speak for how many others, who may not have forgiven Dash for her controversial past, will react to the show.

In addition to the new reality show, the A New Thing- with Stacey Dash star is also set to be on BET’s reboot of College Hill: Celebrity Edition alongside Nene Leakes, Ray J, Lamar Odom, Big Freedia, DreamDoll, India Love, and Slim Thug. Dash ‘s collaboration her with the black network is surprising as the actress had said that channels like BET should be canceled to eliminate segregation in 2016. College Hill: Celebrity Edition is set to premiere this summer on BET. The star’s new reality show is currently still in pre-production and is waiting to be picked up by a broadcasting or streaming network.

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Source: Deadline, Stacey Dash/Twitter

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