Top 10 Anime With The Most Detailed Character Designs

Character design is a critical component in any work of fiction. Well-designed characters are intriguing and catch the audience’s eye. Anime is known for its exciting character designs. Several elements make anime characters stand out from their counterparts in other mediums.

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The best anime designs distinguish each character from the last. Hairstyles, color schemes, facial expressions, and fashion are essential elements of designing a captivating character to make the audience fall in love. While some mangakas opt for simplistic styles with limited color palettes that still pack quite the punch, many create intricately designed characters whose style reflects their personality.

10 Soul Eater Takes Inspiration From Gothic Styles To Create Iconic Character Designs

Several iconic anime character designs have come from Soul Eater. Characters like Death the Kid, Black☆Star, and Soul Evans are just a few of the anime’s well-designed characters. Death the Kid, in particular, has one of the most detailed designs in the show. Drawing inspiration from the edgy styles of Visual Kei, Kid’s design is a standout in the show.

His all-black attire with the skull motif has become a staple for the aesthetics of this anime. Additionally, Death the Kid’s black hair with three thick lines across half of it has become iconic. Kid’s love of symmetry shines through in the design — three rings on each finger, three lines in his hair, and perfectly symmetrical lines on his uniform.

9 Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun’s Designs Are Whimsical & Cute

Images feature Hanako from Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun has one of the most unique art styles of any anime series. Though the story builds on a creepy atmosphere of urban legends and ghost stories, the color palette is the complete opposite. The characters take on a chibi style, each with their own distinct fashion sense. Each character’s personality is revealed through their personality, as well.

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Hanako, for example, wears a Kamome Gakuen boys’ uniform. He also dons a white piece of paper on his left cheek with the kanji for “seal” written on it. Hanako’s sly facial expressions have become synonymous with his character his. On the other hand, Nene wears a girls ‘Kamome Gakuen uniform that suits her style her well. She even personalizes it with a skull brooch — differentiating her from the other students.

8 My Hero Academia Considers World Building In Its Character Designs

My Hero Academia is home to plenty of unique character designs. Kohei Horikoshi has a clever way of simultaneously designing and characterizing each hero and villain. It’s impressive to see the way Kohei combines the worldbuilding of MHA in his designs.

Since different companies design the heroes’ costumes, they like to add their own flair to the suits — hence why Uraraka and Katsuki’s costumes have two black dots in a row. Izuku’s and Shoto’s costumes came from the same support company, so their costumes have similar details. Kohei considers several variables when designing his characters his, and it ‘s impressive to see just how much thought he puts into them.

7 Hunter X Hunter’s Character Designs Are Stylish

Hunter X Hunter characters Feitan Portor and Neferpitou

each Hunter X Hunter character has a unique fashion sense. While the designs of Gon, Killua, and Leorio are simplistic, they’re still memorable. Other characters don an edgier style, such as Chrollo and Feitan, with fashion inspired by classic punk styles.

Perhaps the best character designs in Hunter X Hunter are its most bizarre ones — notably, Hisoka. Probably the most detailed design in the show, Hisoka’s style is one of pastel colors and playing card motifs. Though his color palette his significantly changed from the 1999 anime to the 2011 revamp, Hisoka ‘s style his is undeniably eccentric.

6 Bleach’s Character Designs Are Memorable

Bleach Characters

Bleach has an extensive cast of characters, each memorable for their outstanding character designs. Every character has a staple to their appearance that makes it easy for fans to recall. Ichigo’s spiky orange hair is one of the first things people think of when Bleach comes to mind.

Ulquiorra’s monochromatic style with hints of green on his pale white skin encapsulates the melancholic villain. Both halves of Shunsui Kyoraku’s spirit are memorable for their violet-purple hair and skull headpieces — notably, Katen. Everything in Katen’s design is exaggerated, notably, her purple pigtails and gigantic skull-and-crossbones headpiece.

5 Naruto’s Character Designs Are Classics

Naruto cast

Naruto’s character designs have become classic. Many of the characters’ styles are simplistic, but they’re memorable. Naruto’s vivid, spiky blonde hair remained a staple from the very beginning of the show, all the way through Boruto. The only difference is that his hair his has been tamed quite a bit, reflecting his status his as Hokage and as a mature father.

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Kakashi’s design is full of staple pieces, such as his iconic black mask and sideways headpiece. Many fans agree that he encapsulates the image of a shinobi. Even Naruto’s villains have striking designs, such as Pain’s spiky orange hair and piercings or Orochimaru’s serpentine appearance.

4 One Piece’s Designs Keep The Tone Light

Eiichiro Oda has done an excellent job designing every character in One Piece. Though he’s attracted quite a bit of controversy for how he designs women, Oda’s artistic ability and knack for design shouldn’t be a cause of debate. It’s undeniable that, as a mangaka, he’s gifted at designing intriguing characters.

One Piece’s zany character designs keep the tone light, no matter how dark the subject matter of the plot becomes. Not a single character in this anime resembles the last, so it’s easy to tell each one apart.

3 Demon Slayer’s Character Designs Are Exquisite

Demon Slayer is one of shonen anime’s new big three. One of the anime’s distinguishing features is its versatile character design. In Demon Slayer, no two characters look alike. The heroes and villains are equally memorable because of Koyoharu Gotouge’s knack for designing beautiful characters.

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Each of the nine Hashira have memorable appearances. They tend to be covered from head to toe in motifs reflecting their abilities, whether it’s color, patterns, or literal reflections, like Obanai’s white serpent. Every villain has a striking appearance, too. Demons such as Rui, Gyutaro, and Akaza have memorable appearances for unique reasons. Nezuko’s cuter appearance sets her apart from the other demons, who take on edgier styles.

2 Every Jujutsu Kaisen Character Has A Unique Appearance

Breaking the Curse: How Jujutsu Kaisen Shatters the Shonen Mold

Gege Akutami has a knack for character design. While other anime tend to suffer from what artists call “same face syndrome,” this is not an issue for Jujutsu Kaisen. Gege has a talent for adding staple pieces to each characters’ outfit. Yuji’s red hood — a customization requested by Satoru — makes him stand out from the other Jujutsu High students.

Speaking of Satoru, he is the epitome of excellent character design. Though his outfit his is simple, it’s incredibly memorable. His white hair and blindfold his make him one of the most recognizable characters in the series. Since the cast is so extensive, each character needs to stand out. They each have a unique detail that is exclusive to their design. Mei Mei’s signature braid, Sukuna’s mysterious markings, and Choso’s blood mark are just a few standout design choices in the series.

One Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Is Iconic For Its Art Style & Poses

Araki Illustrated Jojo Characters

It’s no secret that the character designs in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure are top-tier. Though Araki’s art style has changed frequently, his talent for character design only improved. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has become iconic for its wacky poses, intricate character designs, and excellent application of color.

Every character has at least one physical quality or motif that makes them stand out from the rest of the cast. It could be something small, like the flattened hand motif on Jotaro’s hats. It could even be an essential part of the character’s identity, such as Josuke’s pompadour. Whether it’s unconventional hairstyles or eccentrically stylish outfits, every JJBA character stands out from the rest.

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