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Kim Dean is the Vice President at Connect Interiors in Fargo. She’s an NDSU graduate and has been an interior designer for over 30 years, with 26 of them in the commercial furniture industry. “I’ve always been interested in aesthetics and the design of space,” said she Kim. “Interior design really combines those two concepts, because we know that the design of a space impacts behavior, therefore it’s important that we understand the desired outcome.”

Kim specializes in healthcare interior design, which is a complex specialty that requires a lot of inquiry and understanding. She needs to specify furniture that meets all the rigors of a healthcare environment, for durability and cleaning protocols, but also furniture that supports patient care and a healing environment.

As an interior designer, that means Kim has the training and education to design spaces that support the health, safety and welfare of those that interact with the space. She has technical knowledge that ensures she follows code requirements, appropriate specifications for intended use, and the ability to create inspiring spaces that have a positive impact on behavior.

“Interior designers can support the design process at any budget level,” said Kim. “It’s really about making the best choices for the budget the client has. We can help avoid costly mistakes by bringing our expertise to the decision-making process, to ensure project goals are met, and we have a wide variety of resources available to support projects of all sizes and scopes of work.”

“Interior designers can support the design process at any budget level”

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In the commercial world, Kim is really excited about the changes in work patterns including hybrid and collaboration spaces. With people having more choice and control over how and where they work, it’s important that interior designers support the needs of a changing workplace as well as bring people together. “Fostering collaboration through spaces that are inspiring and engaging is what people are looking for in the ‘return to work’ strategy, so it’s an opportunity for us to design and think differently,” said Kim.

Kim always tells interior design students that design has a lasting impact. Long after she has completed a project, people will be influenced by the space she designs. Her hope is that some of the spaces she has designed have made the experience within them a little more positive.

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