Judi Callaway has been trading ribbons for smiles for 23 years

There are several styles of smiles.

The full grin of the Cheshire Cat, the muted purse of the Mona Lisa, or the missing-toothed version favored by toddlers.

For the last 23 years at the desert’s LPGA event the Chevron Championship, Judi Callaway has seen them all.

Callaway, an 80-year-old from San Diego, has been a mainstay in her lawn chair in the shade of a giant eucalyptus tree in front of the 18th green at Mission Hills Country Club. As players and spectators walk by, she offers them a flower made out of ribbon that she made by hand.

“People always try to give me a donation, but I’m not doing it for money, I’m doing it for smiles,” she said Thursday, the first day of the tournament in Rancho Mirage. “That’s why I call them smile flowers.”

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