10 Strongest Zodiac Members In Fruits Basket, Ranked

Fruits Basket is a classic shojo tale starring the compassionate heroine Tohru Honda, who one day stumbles upon the reclusive Sohma family and their supernatural secret. Several members of this family are cursed with the spirits of the Chinese zodiac’s animals and they are all bound to their “god,” the family head Akito Sohma.

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This curse is a heavy burden to bear, and some members of the zodiac have more strength than others to endure it, counting the tsundere Kyo, the unofficial 13th member of the zodiac. A member of the zodiac can be strong in many ways while bearing this curse — they can use expert martial arts, emotional strength, mental fortitude, or even influence in the family or outside world.

10 Hiro Sohma Only Acts Tough

Hiro Sohma in Fruits Basket

The young Hiro Sohma made a bad first impression when he first met Tohru Honda, being a demanding and bratty boy who didn’t seem to get along with anyone, Sohma or not. He kept Tohru on her toes with his sharp-tongued teasing and antics her, but deep down, he was being hard on himself as well.

Hiro dearly wanted to protect his fellow Sohma, Kisa, but he wasn’t sure if he had what it took, and that insecurity led him to lash out at others. Hiro can put on a tough front and even intimidate other kids, but he’s the one who’s the most frightened. Fortunately, that changed for the better later.

9 Hatsuharu Sohma Has His Dark Side

Hatsuharu is the ox of the Chinese zodiac, though he can also be compared to a generic cow with a black and white coat, as his hair colors would suggest. Overall, Hatsuharu has minimal influence in the Sohma family and isn’t terribly assertive, though he does have some physical strength to make up for it.

Hatsuharu sometimes gives in to his darker half where he goes on a rampage as a total delinquent. He’ll tear up a classroom and recklessly challenge anyone who gets in his way — he can even stand up to Kyo, who has formal martial arts training.

8 Ayame Sohma Runs A Tailor Shop

Ayame stands in the doorway

Among the Sohmas, the golden-eyed Ayame Sohma has limited influence and a rather weak reputation, but he’s one of the few Sohmas who knows most of Akito’s secrets, including her sex. Ayame isn’t the type to get in deep with family politics, though — he has other interests.

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Ayame has more influence in the local business world, since he runs his very own tailoring shop with his assistant, Mine. Both of them are cosplay enthusiasts who can tailor any outfit for a customer just right and Ayame clearly has some skill as a businessman. Few other Sohmas can match him in this field.

7 Kureno Sohma Is Close To Akito

kureno sohma in fruits basket

Kureno Sohma ranks high in the Sohma family and is personally close to Akito herself. He has a fair amount of influence in the family and that is a form of strength. Akito relies heavily on him, even if his rooster spirit his is gone, and the other Sohmas think highly of him, too.

Kureno also has a great deal of maturity and charisma, which boost his strength further, and that was enough to impress Arisa Uotani. However, Kureno has limited experience with the outside world, which weakens him somewhat, and he has no apparent martial arts skills.

6 Kagura Sohma Can Throw A Punch

Kagura waving

The boar spirit lives in the cheerful Kagura Sohma, who trained in Kazuma’s dojo alongside her crush, Kyo. Kagura isn’t nearly as dedicated to martial arts as Kyo is, but she certainly is stronger than she looks and Kagura can send Kyo flying halfway across the house with a single punch. Kyo never even fights back.

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Kagura has a great deal of melee strength, but Fruits Basket characters need more than that. Kaguya has some emotional strength where her crush her is concerned, though she also has her fair share of insecurities that hold her back.

5 Hatori Sohma Is The Family Doctor

Hatori Sohma, like Ayame and Shigure, is privy to the secret that Akito is actually a young woman, not a man. But that’s not the only way Hatori is prominent among the Sohmas. He is also a medical professional and the family’s physician and everyone counts on him for non-emergency medical issues.

Hatori is well-respected and fairly well-connected as the family’s level-headed doctor, and he can actually restrain the scheme Shigure somewhat and help keep the family stable. He has no physical combat skills, though, and has his own emotional baggage to deal with.

4 Momiji Sohma Is Tougher Than He Looks

The cheerful Momiji Sohma is the rabbit of the zodiac; he is the type to say or do anything to make everyone else laugh and smile to brighten the mood. Momiji is terribly sad that his own mother no longer has any memories of him and his half-sister his is a stranger to him, but that wo n’t get him down.

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Mentally, Momiji is far stronger than appearances would suggest. He can find hope and joy in his life his despite his circumstances his and he is bravely standing up to Akito alongside Yuki, Kyo, and Hatsuharu. In fact, he has more guts in the face of Akito than any of them.

3 Yuki Sohma Wants To Emulate Tohru

yuki sohma

The beloved kuudere Yuki Sohma is one of the core members of Fruits Basket’s cast of characters; he is also a big deal in the Sohma family, since the rat is especially close to the zodiac’s god. A lot is expected of Yuki, but he caved under the pressure and suffered imposter syndrome.

In recent years, Yuki started turning things around. He is a fine martial artist and is becoming more and more confident in who and what he is, despite everything. He also joined the student council and found the emotional strength to become romantically involved with Machi Kuragi.

2 Kyo Sohma Fought Back Against Fate

Kyo Sohma smiling with chin on hand in Fruits Basket

Kyo Sohma embodies the cat spirit. By tradition, the rejected housecat of the zodiac is a pariah in the family and is supposed to be confined to a prison-like house all its life, but Kyo would n’t accept that dire fate, even if Akito and his father his insisted on it.

Instead, Kyo found the strength and resolve to fight back against this terrible fate and earn his freedom. He also found the emotional strength to embrace Tohru Honda despite their differences her — and commit his entire life her to her.

One Shigure Sohma Has No Weaknesses

Shigure with a menacing smile

The dog of the zodiac lives in Shigure Sohma, who has relatively little personal baggage. In fact, this robed author is more likely to cause baggage and personal issues than have any his his own his and he can stand up to Akito with ease. Akito’s verbal abuse merely bounces off of him and he can give as good as he gets.

Shigure is also a homeowner and a fairly successful author, which only adds to his strength in the story of Fruits Basket. While he might act goofy, he has a great deal of emotional stability and strength; no one can ever upset him or manipulate him. At times, he seems invincible by Sohma standards.

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