How To Fix ‘Weather Widget’ Missing in Android 12

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Check How To Fix ‘Weather Widget’ Missing in Android 12

Android 12 Beta 5 is as close to stable Android 12 as possible for Google Pixel users right now, as Google hasn’t released the latest OS for everyone. And there are still some problems. In particular, a specific issue with Android 12’s At-a-Glance widget prevented users from seeing the weather on their home screen or redesigned lock screen. The At a Glance widget was first introduced in 2017 with the Pixel 2 and has always been showing the weather ever since. Now this problem is finally fixed in the latest Android 12 beta.

Why does the widget disappear?

The problem mainly occurs with Google Pixel users, but it has affected other brands of Android devices as well. The reason for this is currently unknown, but it appears to be a minor glitch that has affected thousands of Android devices.

Also, according to some people, it could happen that Google cannot find your location, we tried to disable the location for all apps, and the clock and weather widget disappeared for a few seconds and then updated with the correct information when the location was off . .

How to set it back on the home screen?

Reboot the device

Sometimes restarting the device can fix the problem and the widget appears normally on the home screen. This solution may not work for most people, but we recommend that you try it at least once.

Clear the launcher cache

Clearing the launcher cache has solved the widget disappearing issue for many people. Follow the steps mentioned below and let us know in the comment section if it works.

  • Go to settings
  • Tap Apps
  • Tap the ellipsis symbol (three vertical dots in the upper right)
  • Select Show system apps
  • Find the launcher you are using. (For example, if you have a Pixel device, your default launcher would be the pixel launcher)
  • Tap the launcher and then tap Storage
  • Finally, clear the cache and restart your device. In addition, you can also clear the data with the cache if you agree to have the home screen reset to its original settings.

Check for software updates

Make sure to check for software updates and install them if an update is available. You can go to “Settings” and then “Software update” and tap on “Download and install”. The device will start checking for available updates and then will show you if there are any updates available. The software update worked for a lot of people, but if your device is already up to date, you will have to try other solutions.

Add a second widget

Press and hold the home screen until you see the widget option, touch it and then select the weather widget and add it to the home screen. Once done, the weather should reappear and you can remove the second widget.

Install a new widget

Install a new third-party widget from the app store and set it on another home screen. By setting up a new widget, you will find out if your actions widget is the problem or something else. If the third-party widget does not disappear, we recommend that you use it and delete the one that is disappearing.

Install a new launcher

This is not a solution, it is more like a workaround, but this can solve the disappearance problem for you. There are several great Android launchers; You can download and install any of them from Play Store and set the Clock & Weather widget on the home screen.

Note that you can set your stock widgets on the home screen if you are using a third party launcher. For example, if you have a Pixel phone, you can configure the AT A Glance widget even if you are using a third-party launcher.

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