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Check How to Insert Widgets on iPhone

Recently, Apple gave you a better approach to personalize your iPhone. With widgets, you can view support data directly from your home screen or lock screen. From now on, there are gadgets that will display your number one photo collections, the top reports of the day, upcoming events on your calendar, and more. This is how to add, edit and create widgets on your iPhone to customize your home screen.

Wondering how to make the custom iPhone widgets you’re seeing all over social media? You won’t find them in Apple’s widget library. Instead, you will need to download Widgetsmith. Widgetsmith is free, though you can pay $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year for Widgetsmith Premium, which supports hosted data sources (such as weather and tide information) and unique widget styles. The free version of Widgetsmith offers widgets for your calendar, clock, reminders, activity (via Apple Health), and photos.

  • Open Widgetsmith on your iPhone. Choose if you want to make a small, medium or large widget. For reference, the small square widget is the size of 4 apps, while the large square widget is the size of 16 apps. The medium rectangular widget is the same size as 8 apps.
  • Click on the widget size you want. If you click ‘Add Small Widget’ or ‘Add Medium Widget’ it will simply duplicate the default generic widget. Be sure to click on the image icon or ‘ #1.’
  • Rename the widget to reflect its content. For example, we will create a date widget and name it accordingly.
  • Click on the widget icon to start customizing its purpose and appearance. We stick to one date, but you can also choose from time photos, custom text (for example, for a motivational quote), calendar, reminder, activity and astronomy widgets. Weather and tide widgets require Widgetsmith Premium.
  • Customize your widget’s font, tint, background color, and border color. There are several style options to choose from. If you’re going with a theme, try to match the aesthetic.
  • Click save and return to your iPhone home screen.
  • Long press an app icon or your wallpaper. Click the plus icon in the top left corner of your iPhone screen to open the widget menu. Select Widgetsmith from the widget menu.
  • Swipe left or right and select ‘Add Widget’ depending on the size of the widget you wish to add (this should reflect the widget you created within the Widgetsmith app). Click Done in the top right corner.
  • Long press your new widget. Click ‘Edit Widget’.
  • Select the name of the widget you created. Note that this will only work if the size widget you added reflects the size widget you customized in the Widgetsmith app.
  • You should see your custom widget on your iPhone’s home screen. The above steps work for making all kinds of widgets, and there is no limit to the number of widgets you can make with Widgetsmith.

How to Create Custom iPhone App Icons in iOS 14 with Shortcuts

Now that you have your widgets to your liking, you can create custom icons for all the apps on your iPhone. This means you can replace anything from the Facebook or TikTok logo to the icons in Apple’s native settings or mail apps with images of your choice. Bonus points if you choose a collection of matching images. Gather all the images you want to use to create your custom iPhone app icons. We are going to use Apple’s shortcut tool.

  • Open Shortcuts on your iPhone. It is one of the pre-installed Apple apps on your iPhone.
  • Click on the plus sign ‘+’ at the top right of your screen.
  • Find apps and actions.
  • Search for ‘open app’ and click ‘Open app’ in the Actions menu.
  • Click ‘Choose’. Find the app you want to create a custom icon for. We are using TikTok.
  • Click on the ellipsis ‘… ‘.
  • Click Add to Home Screen.
  • Write the name of the application and select the icon next to the text field to change the image.
  • Select ‘Choose Photo’ and choose a photo from your Photos app. Select choose once you’ve cropped it to a square.
  • Click ‘Add’ to add your new icon to your iPhone’s home screen. It will appear in the first free space on your home screen.

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