How to Use macOS Widgets in the Notification Center 2022 Tip

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Check How to Use macOS Widgets in the Notification Center

Notification Center in macOS has had its share of changes after a while. With macOS Big Sur, Apple redid this useful place to embed widgets. While not much has changed with the Notification Center widgets in macOS Monterey, you may not have had a Mac during the days of Big Sur, which makes you new to these widgets. How about we investigate how to open the Notification Center; add, remove, and rearrange widgets; and use the ones where you hit with the general hodgepodge.

How to use macOS widgets in Notification Center

What are widgets?

Widgets are small, self-contained applications that provide small bits of information and minimal functionality. In macOS Big Sur, Apple made widgets appear in a two-column grid within Notification Center on the Mac, below any notification. Each widget can be one of three sizes: small, medium, or large. You can view the widgets at any time by opening the Notification Center. If you make frequent use of widgets, it is useful to assign a keyboard shortcut to this action.

When Notification Center is open, it displays a button called Edit Widgets at the bottom. Click here to open the editing overlay. This changes from view mode to edit mode. Your current list of widgets remains on the right side, with a list of available widgets on the left.

To add a widget, you can drag it from the available list and drop it onto the Notification Center overlay at the desired position. Alternatively, clicking the green plus icon at the top left of a widget adds it to the bottom of the list. When adding a widget, you can choose a size if more than one size is available. By default, macOS selects the smallest size. To use a different size, click the circular S, M, or L icons below the widget before adding it.

In edit mode, you can remove a widget by clicking the minus icon in its top left corner. You can also remove a widget in any mode by controlling the click and selecting Remove Widget. You can move widgets in normal view mode or in edit mode. Simply drag and drop a widget to move it.

Some widgets offer customization options. Those that do will expand slightly in size when you mouse over them in edit mode. They will also display an Edit Widget label near the bottom. Click this button to edit a widget. Examples of customization include changing the city of the clock widget or selecting a different theme for the news widget.

Final words: How to Use macOS Widgets in the Notification Center

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