RainViewer 2.16 introduced all-new widgets on Android

KYIV, Ukraine, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MeteoLab Inc. released one of the biggest updates to the RainViewer Android version. This version includes the new magnificent widgets designed for the Android home screen.

RainViewer is a weather radar app that provides complete information about upcoming precipitation. An interactive radar map shows the storm motion and precisely forecasts where the rain will be moving within the next two hours. Additionally, the minute-by-minute rain intensity forecast displayed on the chart instantly shows the oncoming storms as well as their intensity and duration.

The new RainViewer 2.16 version presented all-new weather widgets, with the support of the Material You design language for Android devices. New beautifully crafted widgets are easily customizable and can perfectly match the Android home screen. Resizable, transparent, or semitransparent widgets look especially crispy and sharp on the home screen. RainViewer’s weather widgets also fully support Dynamic Color theming and interactively change the color to match the dominant color of the wallpaper. All these customizations are available for Android users, along with a wide selection of weather widget types.

A weather widget is one of the most useful tools to get essential information from the Android screen. With a weather widget installed on the home screen, it’s possible to plan a day ahead or adjust current plans with a brief home screen check. RainViewer provides a wide range of different widgets: weather summary, interactive weather radar map, hourly or daily forecast, and minute-by- minute rain intensity forecast.

“Every Android user will find the most suitable widget for their lifestyle: if you live on the ocean coast, you’d probably prefer a weather radar widget that displays radar maps to keep an eye out for serious conditions or tropical storms,” ​​says Oleksii Schastlyvyi, CEO of MeteoLab Inc.

RainViewer is a free app available on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details? id=com.lucky_apps.RainViewer. It includes Premium Features with extended capabilities on a subscription basis. A monthly subscription for $2.99 and an annual subscription for $14.99 are available as an in-app purchase in the RainViewer app.

MeteoLab Inc. (https://www.meteolab.io) is a Ukraine-based company, a developer of RainViewer iOS and Android applications and RainViewer API. Its applications and maps (provided as a part of RainViewer API) have the biggest coverage on the market. It’s available for 100+ countries and integrates with over 1000 weather radars worldwide.



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