See five game-changing features arriving to iPhones

Recently, at WWDC 2022, Apple revealed its next mobile operating system called the iOS 16. Unlike previous Apple updates, iOS 16 comes with multiple features and updates, including lock screen customization, Live Activities, Improvements to FaceTime and many more. Here are five game-changing features coming to iPhone along with the iOS 16.

Apple users will be able to customize their lock screen like never before

Apple has completely redesigned the lock screen in iOS 16, adding loads of customization features, widgets and new animation for notifications. When users upgrade to iOS 16, they’ll be able to customize their lock screen live never before, using live wallpapers, animated backdrops, image suggestions, widgets that utilize the lock screen space to display relevant information and much more. While lock screen customization has been available on Android for a long time, iOS 15 and older versions did not allow users to customize their lock screen at all. Hence, the lock screen customization feature might change the way people use their iPhones, forever.

Notifications will be shown in a new manner

Along with the lock screen, Apple has also redesigned the Notifications. With iOS 16, users will be able to view their lock screen while going through their notifications. This way, users won’t lose track of the important information shown by the widgets they have set. Instead of occupying the entire screen, notifications will only occupy the lower third. Additionally, users can pinch on them to view them in the expanded list view, count view or stacked view.

Live Activities and Message Editing on iPhones

On the lock screen itself, users will be able to track things like a sports match, food delivery, cab booking and more via a feature called Live Activities. As the name suggests, the feature will display the status of activities that are happening in real-time as people use their iPhone at the bottom of the lock screen, in the form of a card. As long as the real-time activity is happening, for instance, unless the food delivery is complete, Live Activities will showcase the status in the form of a card, on the lock screen of the iPhone.

While these were some new features related to the lock screen on an iPhone, the latest mobile operating system from Apple is full of updates. For instance, users will be able to edit or delete text messages in the Apple Messages app. Additionally, users will also be able to mark certain conversations as unread, so that they do not forget to look at them. If users are talking to their intentional friends or colleagues, Message will automatically convert the units such as time, temperature and currency into the prevailing units in the region. Apart from this, FaceTime on iOS 16 will be able to transfer calls between Apple devices seamlessly.


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