Vegetable-themed condoms: the greener take on contraception

Vegetable-themed condoms: the greener take on contraception
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Vegetable-themed condoms are the new era’s contraception where the main aim is to spread awareness about biodegradable and durable condoms and also to put the limelight on the importance of intimacy between two people, via a greener side!

A vegetable-themed condom campaign led by “The Horticultural Society” and Relate, a relationship counselling organization has come up with a unique approach to having safe sex. They have produced a healthy range of condoms in various fruit and vegetable flavors. There are zucchini, plum, aubergine, onion and avocado seed varieties and their packaging almost looks like seeds from a garden!

Reports suggest there has been an increase in the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases in the UK to people over the age of 65. Women empowerment remains a distant dream, despite the fact that there are various means of STD/HIV prevention available, behavior change is not yet on the horizon. Until then, condoms will remain an important part of the STI/HIV prevention arsenal.

Condoms are becoming more important for STI/HIV prevention as permanent sterilization becomes more common, as well as the promotion of the emergency contraceptive pill.

However, in the past month, we’ve seen the acceptance of a new type of underwear in the United States that helps protect users from STIs during oral sex, in addition to the launch of garden-themed condoms. The “ultra-thin, super stretchy, vanilla-flavored” pants have been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The related veggie condom was created in response to studies that showed that people in their 60s, who are in good health and have a lot of money, are having more sex than ever before. Despite 52 percent admitting to not buying condoms in the past year, 62 percent of Britons consider themselves to be sexually adventurous.

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Most Britons (51 percent) find it difficult to have a sexual conversation because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

Sex was the most popular pastime among people over the age of 65 (44 percent), followed by relatives (43 percent) and gardening (33 percent). According to a survey reported by Relate, 43 percent of men age 65 and older are more secure and free in their sexuality now than at any other time in their lives, and more than half believe they are sexually active. are daring. A survey in 2020 found that Millennials have sex only once a month or more.

However, it has been found that 80 percent of people over the age of 65 have not purchased a condom in the past six months, and there has been an increase in STIs in this age group over the past 10 years.

Before the pandemic, according to Age UK, Public Health England reported that there had been an 86 per cent increase in syphilis cases over 65 years, yet 38 per cent over 65 years avoided discussing safe sex because it makes them uncomfortable.

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