8 Makeup Tips And Tricks To help You Look Younger Instantly


Many women feel lost when it comes to makeup as they age. They don’t know what colors to choose or how to apply them. Diane Farr, a 47-year-old actress who plays a cop on the hit show Numb3rs, says that the key is to keep it simple. “I think less is more as you get older,” she says. “You want to accentuate your best features and downplay the areas you’re not so confident about.”

Here are Diane’s tips for women over 50:

1 . Soft lips:


for looking great on a budget What you need to know about your lips, A soft lip is often seen as a desirable trait. Softer lips are often associated with femininity and youth. There are many ways to achieve soft lips. Some people use lip balms or ChapSticks, while others use vaseline. Lip scrubs can also be used to exfoliate the lips, making them softer.

Number 7 will shock you!

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